Tag Team

What do you do
when you find out
that your brother
has sex with
guys also?

He Calls himself
Mature, open minded, masculine, and his loving will make you KICK

Even tho he hard
core to the public,
he needs somebody
to love and somebody
to love him back

When You Just 
Can't get Loved

Big Dick
Nuff Said

Read the story of
a man who can't
find what he needs

A Nice Guy
From Prison
Did prison start
this guy messing
around ?
The Boy
Next Door
Theres a guy
like this in
every town
Looking for
no carbs?
Lick on this
popsicle for
a no carb
From the
Read this brothers
story from the heart.
Wanna kick it with
his best friend
Cell Phone
and Cams!
Watch how
Cell phones
and Cams bring
Down Low or Denial
Brother Grip explains
Life on the Down Low
Gay Affrica
A story of Love by
two masculine
A Real Man's Story
A Masculine Man
with no hangups
when it comes
to sex
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From Prison Pen Pal To Somebody's play
mate.  Supreme tells his story and hopes to meet somebody he can be with.  Is It you?
Thuggin Ain't Easy! 

Every Where we go, dem haters want to know,
who we hang with, who we be with, who we get down, and who we do
our thang with


Just Dick

I didn't know I was
into other guys until
I was about to be
married.  I got more
than a blood test
from Doc. (smile)
Check out my story
and I'll show you
what I'm working with